Live the vision of your life

Leadership Training and healing work with horses for Top Performers

Exclusive format: 2 coaches - only 4 participants - 3 days

With Valentina Levant & Heike Neder

Yes, I want to be part of it!

„Your vision only becomes clear when you look into your own heart. Who looks to the outside, dreams. Who looks inward, awakes.“  


What could be the impact of this Seminar? 

If you speak German, this video may be useful for you in order to see Heike and myself in action. We are working on the English version :-)

It is our job to find our very own purpose. Often, we only fulfil what is expected of us. We are conditioned by education, the environment and friends. But ultimately, we set our limits ourselves: through thoughts.  

When we recognize our thinking structures, listen to bodies and feelings, we can awaken the potential of our lives and find our true purpose and a vision for our lives.  

Horses help us to see our path. They help us to develop our ability to lead. Participants experience an increase in quality of life and an improvement in all their relationships.  

Nature surrounding you, the evening campfire next to the lake and the deep earthy notes of the Siberian shamanic drum put you into a pleasant light state of trance that allows you to look deep within yourself where all the answers lie and where you have access to your inner wisdom.  

Through this seminar, you can connect with your inner longing, your calling and your vision. You learn to come in contact with the power that moves your life.  

During these three days you will be accompanied by two experienced coaches Valentina Levant and Heike Neder.  

What you can expect from this seminar:

  • Find solutions to your important questions as a high-performer  
  • Release stressful emotions: experience a new lightness  
  • Refuel yourself with the new energy of nature
  • Experience reconciliation and healing 
  • Realise your leadership, strength and greatness

Key information

Next Seminar in 2022: To be announced soon. 

Schedule: Friday from 17.00 - 18.30, Saturday from 9.30 - 18.00, Sunday from 9.30 - 15:00  

Place: Seminar Center Hof Herrenberg 64753 Brombach Valley  

Accommodation at - within walking distance the Hotel Burghof, Brombachtal, is highly recommended.  

Please note: Lunch is not included in the price. We would like to take lunch in the beautiful courtyard next to the seminar center. All drinks are inclusive.  

Experience with horses is not required. All encounters with horses take place in sheltered surroundings. Safety is the top priority. The horses are experienced and relaxed.  

Clothing: sturdy shoes and outdoor clothing - parts of the class take place outdoors and in the riding arena. Sunscreen, head protection (riding hat) are recommended.  

Seminar management: Valentina Levant more info at: Heike-Christiane Neder, M.A. more information:

Different Options for you

Choose the option that suits you best.

Option Normal Early Bird 897 EUR p.P. later 1290 EUR p.P

1. Three group coaching days including personal accompaniment during the seminar of two experienced coaches Heike and Valentina  

2. Audio meditations and handout  



Option Premium Early Bird 3750 EUR p.P later 4200 EUR p.P

1. Three group coaching days including personal accompaniment during the seminar of two experienced coaches Heike and Valentina  

2. Audio meditations and handout  

3. Four intensive one-on-one sessions of appr. 2 hours each with Valentina personally (to be utilised within three months from the date of the seminar).



Option Premium Plus Early Bird 7500 EUR p.P. later 8500 EUR p.P.  

1. Three group coaching days including personal accompaniment during the seminar of two experienced coaches Heike and Valentina  

2. Audio meditations and handout  

3. Eight intensive individual sessions of appr. 2 hours each with Valentina personally  

4. A special individual session (about 2 hours) with horses and accompanied by two Coaches Valentina Levant and Heike Neder.  

(The timeframe for the use of all individual sessions is a maximum of five months from the date of the seminar).  

Option Normal
Option Premium
Option Premium Plus

All prices include 19% VAT. This may be tax deductible. All my services promote your work and emotional wellbeing and are therefore tax deductible. Please consult your accountant on this regard.  

Approximately 10% of the proceeds are invested in charitable causes.

Pferde Leadership Smart Performance

Valentina Levant

As a Sparring Partner for Top Performers, Valentina Levant works with value-oriented entrepreneurs and executives to help them achieve their great goals and results, which initially seem impossible to them.  

Leaders working with Valentina come to new levels of mental strength, self-regulation, and new, unimagined paths to success. This inevitably leads to an increase in quality of life both professionally and privately.  

Born in Siberia, she incorporates Buddhist wisdom from ancient Tibet, Healing Shamanic journeys and healing work with horses into her coaching and training.  

This unusual mix brings success to her clients.  

Valentina has been a coach since 2010 and psychotherapist HP since 2011.  

She works in 4 languages: German, English, French and Russian.

Heike Neder

Heike Neder

Heike Neder, born in 1959, works as a coach, teacher and author. She has more than 15 years experience in training and consulting. She is a Co-founder of the seminar center Hof Herrenberg e.V. Studied German, art history and theology, graduated Master Degree.  

Successful implementation of several major projects and ventures, such as the construction of an event hall for 4000 people, as well as event management for large events with up to 6000 visitors. In her seminars, she encourages and inspires the participants. These are strengthened and equipped with effective solutions for everyday life.  

She loves to write about how to live happily ever after. She is very down to earth, practical and authentic. Likewise, her life has been determined by the love of horses. This heartfelt love for the horses, the sense of oneness with them was something that gave her security in her life, which was otherwise less prevalent in all the ups and downs that she experienced.  

It is always amazing to see how the horses can tell people something that is actually obvious to us, but for which we are often blind. Horses help us to take the next step in our lives. They are careful, certainly, but they are not afraid - especially not with the feelings.

Inspiring voices  

(unfortunately the videos are in German, but I am working on that) 

Feedback der Teilnehmerin des Pferdeseminars

- Kristina Eiffert, Co-Inhaberin einer Apotheke in Frankfurt

Video-Feedback des des ehemaligen Teilnehmers und Klienten. 

- Kristof Ital, Unternehmensinhaber, MLP Berater

Video-Feedback einer ehemaligen Teilnehmerin des Erfolgskurses.

- Silke Berthold, Heilpraktikerin, Hero’s Journey Instruktorin

“ Valentina Levant is a highly inspiring personality: with a lot of knowledge, charm and wit she puts things in a nutshell and motivates one to open up to different perspectives. At the same time, she is very empathetic and knows how to show the little stumbling blocks that she likes to put in her own way. If you are looking for a special coach, you should work with Valentina! "

- Sue Meßlinger, Magical Mentorin & Transformational Trainerin

Feedback der Teilnehmerin des Pferdeseminars  

- Ann-Kathrin, Leiterin Verfahrenstechnik

Video-Feedback zur Zusammenarbeit von

- Joachim Schledt, Geschäftsführer, bws&l GmbH

Video-Feedback eines ehemaligen Teilnehmers und Klienten. 

- Martin Weber, Leiter Arbeitsvorbereitung

"I am enthusiastic about Valentina's method! Before I worked with her, I was often unsure where my strengths are and what my path is. Valentina's coaching helped me to new strength. By doing so, I realized that there were blockages in me and that I often sabotaged myself. Thanks to Valentina, I am now living a much more conscious life, I have more energy, I am more productive and I know where I want to go.“

- R. Branchu, Projektleiter Siemens, Parcel & Airport Logistics

Video-Feedback zur Zusammenarbeit von 

- Joëlle Kremer Projekt & Key Account Manager, Midoco GmbH

Video-Feedback eines ehemaligen Teilnehmers des Erfolgskurses.  

- Oliver Triebel, Systemischer Coach

Valentinas hohes Einfühlungsvermögen und Engagement für ihre Kunden gepaart mit langjähriger Coaching-Erfahrung und Fachwissen, macht es ein Leichtes sich ihr zu öffnen und auch sensible Thematiken lösungsorientiert anzugehen."  

- Denise Lipkow, Gesundheitswesen IBB Soest

You are welcome.

 This day can be your life, your relationships as well as your ability to give and receive completely change.  

After this day you will see the world a little differently, better decisions meet and make fewer mistakes.  


Yes, I want to be part of it!